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We are travelling back to the West! You won’t find any tumbleweeds here as there is nothing but action, suspense and outlandish theories! We get into all of them on this new episode of Shows What You Know discussing episode 5 of Westworld, titled Contrapasso! What has meaning in this show? Are we settings ourselves up for a huge disappointment? Are we finding gems in things that mean nothing? Are we just along for the ride!? Find out that and more in our new episode!

We spoil everything up until S01E05 of Westworld but nothing beyond that. If you have opinions on Westworld, please send them to and we’ll read them on an upcoming episode.

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Episodes discussed:

Westworld s01e01 – “The Original”

Westworld s01e02 – “Chestnut”

Westworld s01e03 – “The Stray”

Westworld s01e04 – “Dissonance Theory”

Westworld S01e05 – “Contrapasso”