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Westworld S01E08 – Trace Decay (Quick Take)


Hey everybody! Ladies and gentlemen and hosts of all ages, come one come all for a Westworld Quick Take! What is a quick take you ask? Well, Jakob is in the UK or the United Kingdom as I like to call it, but he still had enough time to check out the latest episode of Westworld! We decided we will still sit down and get some quick thoughts on the latest episode as we continue this road to the Westworld finale! Jim starts out and reads some listener feedback and Jakob finishes it out. Get that Westworld fix ya’ll!

We spoil everything up until S01E08 of Westworld but nothing beyond that. If you have opinions on Westworld, please send them to or hashtag an audiomessage on the Anchor app with #showswhatyouknow.

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Episodes discussed:

Westworld s01e01 – “The Original”

Westworld s01e02 – “Chestnut”

Westworld s01e03 – “The Stray”

Westworld s01e04 – “Dissonance Theory”

Westworld S01e05 – “Contrapasso”

Westworld S01e06 – “The Adversary”

Westworld S01E07 – Trompe L’Oeil

Westworld S01E08 – Trace Decay