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Not The End of the World – Aladdin Meets Ragnarök, The Winter of Worlds

Three nerds play a pen-and-paper RPG and find themselves transported to a ruined Viking world. By day they attend high school; by night they travel to Asgard and play ancient gods. But when people start disappearing in real life they have to ask… Who else is playing  and what is their end game?

Not The End of The World is a supernatural drama combining Aladdin with Ragnarök (the end of the world in Norse mythology), with a dash of Jumanji and The Neverending Story thrown in for good measure. Hear all about it in episode 5 of Blank Meets Blank!

We’re about to take our mid-season hiatus so this will be the last Blank Meets Blank for a bit. While we’re away please slang us a review on Apple Podcasts, tweet about the show, tell a friend, and keep an eye on for updates on this and our other programming.