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Spellbound – “Lord of the Rings” Meets “Red Pill”

Welcome to Makladun, where a war betwixt warlocks and the peace-loving elves has raged on for centuries. Humans live under the protection of the One True King, he who returned to save us from the Hellish Overlord and his twisted minions. But is all truly as it seems? Is the darkness much closer to home…

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Pepsi County – “8 Mile” Meets “PepsiCo”

Continuing our efforts to create a new TV show every episode (which are now released monthly by the way) we draw the random prompts “8 Mile” and “PepsiCo”, the company that owns Pepsi, out of a hat, and mash them together into a concept for an animated show about rapping soda cans.

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Not The End of the World – Aladdin Meets Ragnarök, The Winter of Worlds

Three nerds play a pen-and-paper RPG and find themselves transported to a ruined Viking world. By day they attend high school; by night they travel to Asgard and play ancient gods. But when people start disappearing in real life they have to ask… Who else is playing – and what is their end game? Not The…

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Chime Attack Adventure – Saved by the Bell Meets Crunchyroll

The bell has not chimed for 100 years, not until an unlikely group of high school students climb the clock tower. Now the spirits engraved on the bell are loose and it’s up to those students to put them back – with the help of Chime, the boy from the past who trapped them last…

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