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Gilmore Girls

Dunaway Daughters – Gilmore Girls Meets Clickbait

Time to brainstorm another TV show in 60 minutes! This time we pull dramedy classic Gilmore Girls by Amy-Sherman Palladino and have to somehow combine it with… the concept of clickbait? The resulting show becomes a heartwarming drama about a cross-generational family vlog! How do we get there? Listen to find out. Big thanks for…

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Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (Part 2)

The Stars Hollow Men are back to talk more Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life! What’s Rory playing at? Musical or Life and Death Brigade? BOOK OR MOVIE?? And will there be more Gilmore Girls in our future? Those 4 words say no, but we’ve always got time to talk over those other 7…

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Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life (Part 1)

Let’s spend A Year In The Life of a couple of Gilmore Girls! If only, right? If only Jim and I could be transplanted into Stars Hollow – we’d be the wacky ham radio guys who think we’re NPR even though we have 3 listeners ha ha ha it’s like we’re already living that dream minus…

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Gilmore Girls Makes An Anticlimactic Announcement

Ok, well maybe if you are not in the United States and you are a GG fan this is a big deal, but to all of us normal folk we totally expected this to be a trailer for the upcoming Netflix episodes. Now if you are super macho cool guy that is scoffing at this…

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