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Jim and Jakob, more like Daft Punk Guy 1 and Daft Punk Guy 2, because this week WE ARE THE ROBOTS, discussing the first five episodes of season 2 of MR. ROBOT. Is it living up to the hype? Or the anti-hype, as the case may be, depending on your opinion of the thing in season 1? You know, the thing?? Well we won’t say it, no spoilers, at least for 09:45 minutes.

If you haven’t seen Mr. Robot, we recommend our episode on season 1, which has a longer spoiler-free section.

We will come back to discuss the rest of season 2, and this time you have plenty of time to email us your opinions! Send them in to and we’ll read them on the god damn air, ahh this internet air, so fresh, like I’m an internet robot over here ahhhh who are you are you even real!? Send an email to prove that you are real.

Next week we’re talking about The Night Of, so catch up on that and send us your opinions!

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Episodes discussed: