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Our Turn | House of Cards Season 5 Breakdown and Review

Jim and Jakob are back to finish out the latest season of House of Cards! We previously covered the first 5 episodes here if you would like to hear our thoughts. Does Netflix’s flagship show have the same impact it once had? Are people still clamoring to watch a TV show about an evil president and underhanded politics? Are there worse characters than the hacker guy and book writer guy? (Who cares what their names are) And will Frank and Claire complete their plans for world domination!? All this and more!

This discussion does not have a spoiler free session, we get right into the full breakdown of Season 5 of House of Cards.

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Episodes discussed:

House Of Cards S05E06 – “Chapter 58”

House Of Cards S05E07 – “Chapter 59”

House Of Cards S05E08 – “Chapter 60”

House Of Cards S05E09 – “Chapter 61”

House Of Cards S05E10 – “Chapter 62”

House Of Cards S05E11 – “Chapter 63”

House Of Cards S05E12 – “Chapter 64”

House Of Cards S05E13 – “Chapter 65”