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We’re back to discuss the last five episodes of the first season of Outcast! Have our opinions changed since the first five? Is the show delivering the required shivers and shakes and spooooky music? What’s different from the comic, and how do things look for a comic reader (Jim) compared to a non-comic-reader (Jakob)? Better listen to find out!

This discussion has no spoilers up until 10:35 but if you haven’t seen Outcast yet, you should check out our episode discussing episodes 1-5, which has a longer spoiler-free introduction.

Next time we’re talking about Netflix show The Get Down, so watch the first six episodes if you want to join our discussion! Send your opinions on The Get Down or Outcast to

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Episodes discussed:

Outcast s01e06 – From the Shadows It Watches

Outcast s01e07 – The Damage Done

Outcast s01e08 – What Lurks Within

Outcast s01e09 – Close to Home

Outcast s01e10 – This Little Light