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season 1

S01E08 – “The Legend Of Tennessee Moltisanti” – Cut To Black – A Sopranos Sitdown

We are passed the halfway point for Season 1 of The Sopranos and it looks like things are starting to fall in place for Tony and his multitude of conflicts both internal and external, but in this episode we shift focus to one Christopher Moltisanti as the show starts to flesh out the people in…

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S01E06 – “Pax Soprana” – Cut To Black – A Sopranos Sitdown

We are back this week with episode 6 of Season 1 of “The Sopranos”, titled Pax Soprana. This episode reels things in a bit after the small detour we took with Episode 5 “College” as the show re-introduces the Jersey drama between Tony and Uncle Junior and we learn a lot about Tony Soprano’s erections….

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Preacher S01E07-10

We did it! Season 1 of Preacher is now in the books and we are back to finish our discussion on the remaining episodes. Did they stick the landing? Is there hope for season 2? Can we stop bringing up Breaking Bad? Can Jakob survive through classic car week in Sweden? All this and more…

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