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We did it! Season 1 of Preacher is now in the books and we are back to finish our discussion on the remaining episodes. Did they stick the landing? Is there hope for season 2? Can we stop bringing up Breaking Bad? Can Jakob survive through classic car week in Sweden? All this and more in our new episode of SHOWS WHAT YOU KNOW!

To hear our discussion on episodes 1-6, check that out here in our previous Preacher discussion!

Also of note the discussion is spoiler free up until the 11:20 mark!

Next episode we will be discussing the first season or so of Steven Universe! That’s right we are finally switching it up from horrorish genre shows!

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Episodes discussed:

Preacher s01e07 – He Gone

Preacher s01e08 – Valero

Preacher s01e09 – Finish The Song

Preacher s01e010 – Call And Response