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Saved by the Hell | Preacher Season 2 Review

We’re happy to review season 2 of Preacher and the road trip we’ve been waiting for – the search for GOD is on the road! AreJesse Custer, Tulip and Cassidy up for the challenge? Is the love triangle believable and necessary? Is it REALLY possible to spend so much time bored in New Orleans?! All…

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Preacher S01E07-10

We did it! Season 1 of Preacher is now in the books and we are back to finish our discussion on the remaining episodes. Did they stick the landing? Is there hope for season 2? Can we stop bringing up Breaking Bad? Can Jakob survive through classic car week in Sweden? All this and more…

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Crusading Against One Word Title TV

In our first Outcast episode I mentioned my crusade against one word titles, and it wouldn’t be much of a crusade if I kept quiet about it. No one has ever made a successful crusade without blogging, as I always say! It started with this video where I give the whole concept a good walloping…

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Preacher S01E01-06

Fresh out the box, it is the first episode of Shows What You Know! Your hosts and heroes Jim Scampoli and Jakob Burrows discuss the first 6 episodes of the new AMC show Preacher. How does the show stack up to the graphic novel? Is this show the next AMC break out hit?┬áCan Jim and…

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AMC Renews Preacher for 13 Episode Season 2

As a big fan of the Garth Ennis comic and a tepid fan of the current AMC TV show (I am a bit behind, have only seen up to episode 4), I share with you the news that AMC has decided to stick by the show and will be bringing us 13 more episodes in…

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