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Black Mirror

Bandersnatch – Choices And Endings Explained

Let me tell you the tale of a boy named Stefan, a boy that just wanted to make a video game, he just wanted to make the most interesting video game in the world! Let me tell you how we fucked it all up for him. That’s right it is Black Mirror’s “Choose Your Own…

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Black Mirror Season 4 Explained

Think about this, the technology that you are currently using to listen and subscribe to Shows What You Know could one day be part of your downfall! Don’t want to think about? Well you have no choice as we are back to discuss everyone’s favorite technology after school special: Black Mirror! Black Mirror is back…

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Black Mirror S03E04-06

Three episodes left, three worlds to explore, three distinct ways to get sad about life. With one exception?? Yes, we’re talking about the final episodes of Black Mirror this season, and how the internet went nuts for them. Did we go nuts as well? Listen to find out. This episode is free of spoilers up…

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Black Mirror S03E01-03

While “Robots Who Think They’re Cowboys” may sound like a Black Mirror episode, we’ve actually been neglecting this latest piece of unavoidable Netflix culture, lost in our excitement over saloons and mazes. So this episode we dig into Season 3 of Black Mirror, exploring the first three episodes in depth and brutally ranking them from…

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