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Mr Robot

Mr. Robot S02E06-12

Mr. Robot is back at it again with his famous dance, look at those arms move! Was the last half of Season 2 able to break through our calloused hearts and win us over? Were there enough twists or should they have thrown a couple more in there? Are we gonna watch Season 3 or…

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Mr. Robot S02E01-05

Jim and Jakob, more like Daft Punk Guy 1 and Daft Punk Guy 2, because this week WE ARE THE ROBOTS,¬†discussing the first five episodes of season 2 of MR. ROBOT. Is it living up to the hype? Or the anti-hype, as the case may be, depending on your opinion of the thing in season…

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Mr. Robot Season 1

Season one of Mr. Robot is snatching Emmy nominations left and right, but is it snatching our hearts? Are we sick of re-packaged nihilistic rants or are¬†we rushing to our laptops to order fsociety T-shirts for only 19.99 including shipping? Will Jakob ever do an entire show with just one accent? ONLY ONE WAY TO…

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Mr Robot Season_2.0 Trailer

Everyone’s favorite autistic, antisocial hacker Elliot Anderson is back in Mr. Robot Season_2.0! You know it is a show about computers and hacking because rather than calling season 2, they add both an underscore and 2.0! Going with some of that 1337 speak the kids are all using these days. But seriously Mr. Robot is…

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