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Crusading Against One Word Title TV

In our first Outcast episode I mentioned my crusade against one word titles, and it wouldn’t be much of a crusade if I kept quiet about it. No one has ever made a successful crusade without blogging, as I always say!

It started with this video where I give the whole concept a good walloping and then pitch you 34 television shows just to prove how easy it is:

Then there’s the One Word Title game we played on my other podcast Hallå Där (of which half the episodes are English, the other Swedish). The game consists of us taking names from TV shows and guessing / hilariously improvising what the plot might be. We played this on the podcast a bunch of times and eventually made video versions too!

Me and Anders have also filmed episodes 3 and 4 of this video series, in which we tackle, among other new shows, both Preacher and Outcast! We thought Outcast was a musical about settlers in Australia so, uh, yeah, we were not close. Those videos are still being edited so stay tuned here on the site (or subscribe) and make sure to join the crusade; strap on your armour and let’s go kill some minimalist infidels! Huzzah!

PS: Stranger Things released today! Watch the first 4 episodes, or more, to get ready for our discussion. The podcast will be up around the middle of next week.