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Alexander (2004) | The Great (323 BC)

It seemed so perfect. We had Oliver Stone, the filmmaker behind JFK & Nixon; the auteur director of Wall Street, Platoon and the Doors. We had a monstrous budget, a huge cast and locations from India to Morocco. We had one of history’s most interesting characters. We even had an excellent historical consultant on hand…

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ROME IV | Rise of the Empire (42-27 BC)

Ave, citizen! It’s Episode 4 of our Roman epic and the ailing Republic is divided in two. It’s East vs. West, brains vs. brawn and man vs. woman (okay that’s a stretch) as Gaius Octavius steps into the limelight to face off against Mark Antony and his Egyptian Queen Cleopatra. It’s been a long haul…

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Cobra Kai Season 3 – Jakob

Jim’s quick take of Cobra Kai season 3 was delivered earlier in the week – now it’s time for slowpoke Jakob to join in the fun and share his #StrikeFirst reactions to the return of Johnny, Daniel-san, Miguel and all the rest! This is just a quick taste and we’ll be releasing episode breakdowns shortly…

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Reel History Season 1 FINALE

With 10 episodes we’re closing out season 1 of Reel History! In this finale episode we follow a more loose structure, having general chats about history and answering listener questions that have cropped up throughout the season. If you have any questions for us to answer in future episodes, don’t hesitate to get in touch…

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Darkest Hour (2017) | Winston Churchill (1940)

Welcome to episode five of Reel History! This week we (well mainly Mark to be honest) take a critical sledgehammer to Joe Wright’s 2017 semi-historical drama “Darkest Hour” (available now on Netflix). Written by Anthony McCarten and set in early 1940, it provides a glimpse into the chaotic life and whiskey-soaked times of that quintessentially…

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Sopranos Sitdown S03E11 – Pine Barrens – Cut To Black

We made it! We are finally discussing Pine Barrens, thought of as one of the greatest Sopranos episodes ever! Chris and Paulie are lost in the woods, steaks go flying at people’s heads and of course that lovable Russian. But what does Jakob think about this episode? Being an entitled millenial that spouts off about…

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