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Outcast S01E06-10

We’re back to discuss the last five episodes of the first season of Outcast! Have our opinions changed since the first five? Is the show delivering the required shivers and shakes and spooooky music? What’s different from the comic, and how do things look for a comic reader (Jim) compared to a non-comic-reader (Jakob)? Better listen to…

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Crusading Against One Word Title TV

In our first Outcast episode I mentioned my crusade against one word titles, and it wouldn’t be much of a crusade if I kept quiet about it. No one has ever made a successful crusade without blogging, as I always say! It started with this video where I give the whole concept a good walloping…

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Outcast S01E01-05

Who watches the watchmen? No idea, but who LISTENS to the watchmen? THAT WOULD BE YOU. Welcome to the second episode of Shows What You Know, where new internet power couple Jim Scampoli / Jakob Burrows tackle the first five episodes of the supernatural horror show Outcast. Haven’t watched Outcast? Don’t tune out yet, because…

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